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Build Psychological Resilience during the Pandemic

As the 2020 pandemic continues to have a significant impact on most Australians, the psychological consequences are becoming more widespread and more acute.

Stress, anxiety, uncertainty and emotional fatigue are the more common manifestations of this that many of us are feeling. As well as the fact that virtual working is now a permanent part of many of our working lives, many face the additional challenges of ‘psychological cabin fever’.

AH Psychology offers a range of professional psychological therapy and counselling services to help you through this time. We offer both face-to-face sessions, and virtual sessions via Zoom or Skype.


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Achieve organisational and personal success through authentic leaders, well performing teams and skilled and confident individuals

AH Business Psychology has been assisting corporate businesses, government agencies and individuals for more than 30 years in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and other cities across Australia, and overseas.

We equip you, your team and your business, with practical ‘real world’ techniques, rigorous psychological science-based capability development and assessment tools to navigate business and professional challenges in an effective and professional manner.

We deliver customised, engaging and interactive programs that are designed to support individuals, teams and organisations through:

  • One-on-one consulting and counselling
  • Team coaching and group workshops
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Ad hoc advisory and support services

All our services (workshops, seminars and one on one coaching and counselling) can be delivered face to face and via video platform formats. Situated on the South Coast of NSW, we are capable of commuting to Sydney, Canberra as well as any other city via air travel.

AH Business Psychology offers tailored coaching for individuals and teams AH Business Psychology provides science-based workshops and training courses

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Performance and Leadership Coaching

Gain the skills, knowledge and frameworks to tackle bigger challenges and achieve greater professional and personal growth.

Learn more about the areas we cover to help leaders achieve desired actions, behaviours and results.

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Developmental Coaching

Support individuals experiencing significant professional or personal challenges.

Learn more about the different areas we address to help leaders and managers overcome challenges in their personal life and professional career.

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Career Transition Coaching

Assist individuals during a career transition, change in job roles and provide support for times of uncertainty and change.

Our programs are designed to help employees to develop new skills, achieve significant professional goals and make successful career transitions.

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Team Optimisation Workshops

Develop top-performing teams, improve team performance, enhance stakeholder or customer relations and enable better alignment with new business challenges.

Find out how we can help optimise your team to achieve success.

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Psychological Profiling

Gain insight into your or a colleague’s “behavioural DNA”, and provide direction for yourself, your team or potential employees.

Find out how Psychological Assessments can benefit you, your employees and your organisation.

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Deception Detection Coaching, Workshops and Seminars

Deception Detection Skills Training is a specialised offering provided by AH Psychology, highly relevant and critical for various specialists and professionals working in government entities, private sector businesses and individuals.

The workshops build and strengthen participants’ ability to read the signals in people’s behaviour that indicate the credibility of a subject. New skills acquired through our workshops help participants assess credibility and authenticity in other people, their behaviour and what they say, in a range of contexts.

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Accepting Private Patients and those on Mental Health Care Plans

In Australia, it’s estimated that 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. One positive factor evident in today’s world is a much heightened knowledge and awareness about the importance of our psychological or mental health: monitoring it, looking after ourselves, and taking preventative and remedial actions. It is important to seek professional help when we know we are not ‘OK’, when we are struggling to function, or finding it tough to look after ourselves.

We provide confidential psychological therapy and counselling support to you during times of stress, life change, uncertainty or crisis.

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All services are available via video call

A tailored approach

To start with, we will have an initial phone call to learn more about your situation and how we can help. We will then tailor a program to help you or your team achieve success.

Some of our recent work includes:

  • Improving interviewing techniques for a Federal Government team of security analysts. This required intensive observational skills training to help them better detect deceptive behavioural patterns
  • Delivering a customised workshop on Credibility and Truthfulness Assessment for a group of private sector forensics investigators who sought competitive advantage in the tender process and to sharpen their behavioural skills when working in fraud investigations
  • Delivering Coaching Programs to a wide range of professionals working in both Federal Government and the University sector, including senior academics, middle level leaders in Defence, a University Program manager, and senior construction engineer.
  • Delivering Team Optimisation workshops for teams engaged in infrastructure asset and contract procurement in the Federal Government sector; aiming to develop their capability in contract management and negotiations with private sector builders of assets.

Alan is the consultants’ consultant; he brings extensive consulting and psychology expertise to help solve the most complex, challenging people and cultural issues within organisations.

Director, International Consulting Firm

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