Culture checklist

Identifying roadblocks to building high performance teams Confidential self-assessment culture checklist I speak with many recruitment consultants and all conversations point to a stronger candidate-driven market. What does this mean for your team optimisation efforts? Hiring demand is increasing, which means that the ability to attract candidates to your organisation is now a key constraint … Read more

How well can you read emotions?

How well can you read emotions? Test your ability to read facial expressions Take our quiz to find out whether you are a guru or foil for a poker face There are 7 universal microexpressions that all humans display for a fraction of a second when they experience a particular emotion – these microexpressions betray … Read more

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Learn how to spot a liar

Learn how to spot a liar By John Hill, The Newcastle Journal, March 2012 Excerpt from article: You might think you’re hiding it, but for a split second it’s written all over your face. People hide their true emotions from others every day, and a lot of the time they get away with it. That … Read more

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Emotional skills in team building

Emotional skills in team building EI Asia Pacific, October 2013 Anne Neederveen Pieterse and her colleagues at Erasmus University, Rotterdam examined the potential benefits of diversity via the interactions between team members. The research findings support the view that when people working together are open to learning and trading ideas, then diversity becomes a real … Read more

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