Answers to your questions about business psychology to assist individuals and organisations

Answers to your questions on business psychology, behavioural coaching and science-based seminars

I’m often asked similar questions about how behavioural psychology and science-based coaching works, so I’ve gathered a few common ones here for you to read. If you don’t see your question covered, please feel free to email or call me on +61 403 491 555.

Q. Where are you based?

I call the beautiful south coast of NSW home, where I live on 5 acres which I share with Max our kelpie collie cross, 2 children (on weekends) and one very patient wife! I am frequently in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra delivering workshops and 1:1 coaching to corporate and government organisations. I also now do a lot of coaching via Skype and the telephone.

Q. What sort of businesses hire a business and behavioural psychologist / coach?

My clients are mostly (but not always) large corporate organisations and government agencies. They are typically focusing on undertaking some kind of team optimisation program or cultural change activity, or looking to ensure very senior level management have adequate succession planning for continuity of business stewardship. I also work with C-1 and C-2 managers who are looking to develop better recruitment practices, or improve underperforming teams.

I am seeing increasing interest in my specialist work in the reading of emotions and the training of emotional skills as well as deception detection training and associated work on fraudulent behaviour within the workplace.

Q. I don’t live in Sydney or Melbourne – does that matter?

Not really. I am already providing Skype coaching sessions for many clients – it depends on location and the type of need or behavioural issue I am assisting with, so please feel free to contact me or call me on +61 403 491 555 to discuss your individual needs. If there are 5 or more people in your team or organisation who need regular 1:1 coaching sessions, I offer packages on a monthly basis where I will travel to your city.

Q. How much notice do you need in order to develop individually tailored workshops for my team?

This will depend on the issue you are seeking to address as well as the urgency of the need. Typically, I am able to schedule workshops at a time convenient for you and your team, provided enough notice is given in order for us to coordinate individual schedules, arrange a venue and make other arrangements.

Q. Is there pre-work for coaching, workshops and seminars?

All pre-work is mutually agreed in the planning stage and we always allow enough time for selected staff to complete any assessment, pre-reading, or similar.

Q. How much do your services cost?

I offer packages that suit the needs of individuals, small workshop groups, and larger, multi-day seminars. Each package is tailored to suit each client’s requirements and budget.

Still have questions?

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