Science-based rigour, real-world experience, pragmatic psychological support to drive real results

AH Business Psychology is a behavioural science-based consultancy, specialising in people behaviour services in all its forms, and a provider of pragmatic real-world support and solutions. We help individuals, teams and organisations overcome the challenges of delivering results and adapting to change in a fast-paced, technology-driven culture.

Our client base is diverse: they range from Federal and state government agencies, state government agencies, private sector companies, through to small business and individual clients.

For over 30 years, we have provided organisational consultancy and psychological services within Australia, and selected countries overseas. AH Psychology is also well known for our science-based Deception Detection skills training, with strong patronage from both agencies in State and Federal Governments, and private sector organisations.

Meet Alan Hudson

BSc (Hons) Psych (Oxford), Dip HE (Oxford), MA (Psych)
Alan Hudson, Director AH Business Psychology

Alan Hudson is the founder and Principal of AH Business Psychology and is a highly sought-after organisation psychologist, coach, facilitator and management educator.

Alan is a registered psychologist and has practised as a management consultant, business psychologist, coach and management facilitator for more than 30 years. He serves as a trusted advisor to senior leaders, an executive coach and facilitator to middle and senior-level professionals,  and is a Master trainer in Deception Detection skills development.

Alan combines extensive business psychological expertise with real-world ‘no-nonsense’ pragmatism, to provide tailored and science-based people capability development, coaching and counselling services.

  • Senior advisory services in People and Culture with real-world business expertise
  • Individual and team coaching supported by leading-edge psychometric assessments
  • Strong expertise in people skills capability development for government agencies
  • Workshops and  seminars which improve team functioning and customer service

We help individuals and organisations to:

  • Create stronger, more effective leaders
  • Identify, train and guide future leaders
  • Optimise teams and their performance
  • Diagnose and solve individual or team cultural issues
  • Recruit highly competent candidates for senior roles
  • Plan succession, transition and exit strategies for senior-level roles
  • Enhance the performance of executives or professional staff
  • Utilise leading-edge psychological behavioural profiling with best effect
  • Coach and develop key, and staff emerging leaders
  • Fine-tune teams to better respond to internal client or service feedback
  • Change team behaviour to meet changing customer expectations
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Don’t know where to start?

First, we will have an initial phone call so I can identify your needs, challenges and opportunities. After I gain a better understanding of your situation and organisation, I will develop and recommend a tailored plan for yourself or your team members.

We understand you, your team and organisation are unique so in order to achieve the success you need a personal, trusted advisor that can speak to you on a personal and professional level.

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“I am excited to report to you that I have successfully benefitted from Alan’s coaching in 5 parts over the past weeks. Alan was able to work with me on several topics, including time management and leadership skills and we finished up with skills on detecting authenticity in behaviour. In short, this was extremely helpful. I would like to thank Alan for his dedication and inspiration to further progress my development as an academic and University citizen.”

Senior Academic, Social Sciences, leading University business school, NSW

“AH has helped my management team to enhance the structure and culture of our department. Their expertise in mentoring managers and helping them to find ways to improve their teams has been invaluable.”

CIO, major NSW Government agency

“I have known Alan Hudson for a number of years and he has worked with me and members of my team in a number of areas, including Deception Detection training for my senior team, leadership behaviour and coaching. I have always valued Alan’s thoughtful and insightful contributions, his honesty and the value he has been able to provide to me as a leader and to members of my team.”

National Partner, Forensics Consulting, leading Big Four firm

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