Alan’s 30 years of experience allows AH Psychology’s clients the unique ability to harness business psychology for use as individuals or within their organisations. AH Psychology is here to help you and your business in realms beyond its current scope.

About AH Business Psychology

Improving communication, emotional intelligence, leadership and engagement

Founded by Alan Hudson, AH Business Psychology is a leading Australian business psychology consultancy, helping individuals and organisations overcome the challenges of delivering business results in a fast-paced, technology-driven culture.

Alan is one of Australia’s leading business psychologists, management educators and executive coaches. For more than 30 years Alan has been assisting Australian and international organisations with improving human performance and culture, as well as enhancing emotional intelligence, leadership and team engagement.

When should you talk to us?

Alan helps individuals and organisations:

  • Optimise team performance
  • Recruit highly competent candidates for senior roles
  • Plan succession, transition and exit strategies for senior level roles
  • Identify, train and guide future leaders
  • Enhance the performance of executives or professional staff
  • Diagnose and solve individual or team cultural issues
  • Learn how to utilise professional-grade personality profiling
  • Learn how to coach and develop staff
  • Fine tune teams to better respond to internal client or service feedback
  • Change team behaviour to meet changing customer expectations

Why choose us?

Choose us if you value:

  • Frank and fearless senior advisory services
  • Real-world business expertise
  • Hands-on experience from a business psychologist and management educator
  • High technical competence in psychometrics in the human resources, executive coaching and emotional intelligence contexts
  • Taking a holistic approach to emotion-based coaching and development for teams and individuals
  • Working with pleasant, high-integrity individuals

“I have always valued Alan’s thoughtful and insightful contributions, his honesty and the value he has been able to provide to me as a leader and to members of my team.”

National Partner Forensics Consulting, ‘Big Four’ Consulting Firm

Alan Hudson

BSc (Hons) Psych (Oxford), Dip HE (Oxford), MA (Psych)
Alan Hudson, Director AH Business Psychology Alan has practised as a business psychologist, management consultant and coach for more than thirty years.

His signature strengths and major areas of specialisation with clients are in three principal areas:

  • Assisting individuals, through tailored coaching and development offerings, to navigate, develop and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving workplace and social environment
  • Improving an individual’s capacity and capability in their behavioural skills, especially emotional skills, and ‘reading people’ skills
  • Providing psychological advice, counsel and support to client organisations with challenges as well as business change relating to individual behavioural shifts and change.

Seven things most people don’t know about Alan:

  1. Favourite hobbies and interests include large-scale landscaping and gardening
  2. Lives on a property on NSW’s south coast
  3. Plays an acceptable game of tennis
  4. Surfing is a passion
  5. Loves film
  6. Unofficial career manager and life coach of his and wife Diane’s two children.
  7. In a past life contributed comedy sketches for Rowan Atkinson’s first comedy series in the UK, Not the Nine O’Clock News!

“Your gentle guidance has helped me to not only understand this but has also equipped me with the knowledge and the tools to appropriately deal with any recurring situations I may find myself in; my time with you has changed my life.”

Project Manager, Federal Agency