Career transition coaching

Career Transition Coaching

Assist individuals to navigate a change in job or career, ‘reboot’ careers and professional and life goals, survive and relaunch careers and work-lives in times of uncertainty and change.

Today’s fast-paced world, with significant and ever-changing shifts in technology, social structures and workplace contexts, has created an environment of disruption for many businesses. Employers often then need to help individuals to reskill, reboot, transition their careers or manage their path to retirement – or a new life trajectory.

Career Transition Coaching is designed to help leaders, employees and organisations successfully navigate career change, forced and unforced.

Our solutions are designed to focus on moving forward, creating and maintaining motivation, embracing new options and then adhering to a new, clear direction.

Our specialism is assisting clients to help improve performance, develop new skills, build morale and personal resilience.

We provide practical support and counselling in:

  • Handling career rebooting and professional transitions
  • Staying sane at work; what to do when you feel the whole place is against you
  • Develop strategies to help you combat and manage anxiety
  • Developing your resilience ‘skin’ to help you handle setbacks, blocks and difficult colleagues
  • What to do when you hit a career plateau
  • Developing your truth-telling skills; how to fine-tune our ‘fake’ filters to assess truthfulness and ‘the real deal’; in the workplace.


One-on-one Career Transition Coaching

Career Transitions can be a time of significant upheaval, disruption and restructuring for both individuals and businesses. We tailor coaching to help individuals transition in their careers, focusing on a ‘win-win’ outcome for both the person and the organisation.

AH Business Psychology offers individual and group coaching services to develop new skills, up-skill, achieve significant professional goals or make successful and productive career transitions. Delivery can be face-to-face, and now we are finding more and more our clients wish to receive coaching via a video call using one of the many platforms available.

Career Transition Programs

Creating a flexible pathway to managing career transitions can be challenging. In order to create positive outcomes for both individuals and organisations, AH Business Psychology provides programs that are tailored to individuals’ needs. This is done through the identification of goals, motivations, existing skills, opportunities and a clear career plan.

Our Career Transition Coaching includes:

  • Career planning, life planning and job search pathways
  • Resume preparation and design
  • Profiling and marketing, including the use of social media
  • Interview skills – training and strategy; enhance your suite of micro-skills
  • Managing stress, anxiety and other psychological challenges that go hand in hand with a new job, new career and new challenges
  • Writing winning and effective responses to selection criteria and position descriptions, focusing on the public sector environment.

If you are an individual or leader who is experiencing significant change in your career or organisation, get in touch with us to discuss solutions for overcoming the challenges you are facing.


“I found the coaching most rewarding, being able to discuss issues with someone not directly connected to work. I found the coach, Alan Hudson to be very good at what he does. I felt immediately comfortable with him and had no trouble discussing those matters of interest to me. He provided good, relevant guidance. I consider the coaching, time and money well spent.”

Program Director, Infrastructure Projects, Federal Govt agency

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