Deception detection workshop

Deception Detection Skills Training

Develop critical psychological science-based behavioural skills for evaluating authentic behaviour, truthfulness and assessing credibility in a range of contexts.

Cutting through the mixed messages and ‘false truths’ that we get from almost every quarter in our lives is difficult. There is a greater need for many of us, in many walks of life, to have well-developed interpersonal antennae to assess and determine what is the truth.

“What everybody is crying out for is authenticity”

Our Deception Detection Skills workshops are one of AH Psychology’s most sought after programs and are based on over 30 years of psychological scientific research. The workshops are designed to build and strengthen participants’ ability to read the signals in people’s behaviour and language,that indicate the credibility of a subject and the extent of their truth or lie. The new skills help participants assess credibility and authenticity in other people, their behaviour and what they say, in a range of contexts.

Is this person authentic? Are they who they say they are, do they mean what they say? Or are they fraudulent and lack credibility?

The workshops and seminars allow you or your team to recognise critical emotions in others, in order to evaluate truth or lies. You’ll learn the science of emotions, their role and functions, how they work and their relevance in a workplace context.


Who is it for?

Our workshops and programs are tailored to suit the particular requirements of each client organisation or industry sector; in fact anywhere where the accurate assessment of people is critical.

These workshops and seminars are especially popular with functional specialists and professionals in various fields whose roles involve the conduct of interviews, interrogations, information collection/audits and reaction elicitation from others.

Typically, participants fall into one of two categories:

  • Specialists working in security, border control, customs, policing, intelligence, fraud, forensics  and audit investigations
  • Professionals working in human resources, government services, universities, sales, consulting etc. and more whose work involves meetings, committees, workshops, recruitment panels, information forums etc.

What does it cover?

The workshops and seminars typically cover the following topics:

  • The psychological model of truth and lies that underpin the skills development
  • The seven ‘universal’ emotions and their associated facial expressions
  • How to ‘read’ body language, voice, vocal style, tone and facial expressions
  • How to identify observable and audible leakage cues across the 5 channels of communication and what action to take
  • The role of memory in assessing deceptive behaviour – deciphering between constructed ( false ) and remembered (true) events
  • Use of video analyses, practical skills exercise and a ‘live’ experiment to develop capability
  • Application of skills for delegates suited to their own context


“Both from a personal and professional point of view the course and the techniques learnt will be invaluable to my ongoing building of relationships”

“I’ll never look at my other half the same ever again! No really, a thoroughly enlightening workshop with which I can put to particle use almost immediately.”

“This skill set is now becoming the cornerstone of modern business. The ability to be more emotionally aware of the people we deal with, both professionally and personally, and truly be able to understand their needs, will be the edge to forming long term productive relationships”

“I thought I was strong on deception detection but this program has enhanced my skills and provided more rigour to our process at work”

Director, Professional Services firm

If you are interested in learning more or want to discuss how one of our workshops can improve people capability for you and your organisation, please contact Alan Hudson by phone or email through our website.

Our workshops are now available via online platforms as well as face-to-face.


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