How do you raise your leaders’ people skills to help them manage, coach and inspire their teams?

Equip your managers with interpersonal skills that work

AH Business Psychology provides individualised behavioural coaching to raise the confidence of leaders to have the ‘difficult conversations’ and to build flexibility and adaptability into their teams.

Raising the bar for leadership

The quality of interpersonal and business skills is a key factor in determining the success of individuals, teams and organisations.

However, we often see talented individuals promoted for their functional expertise, rather than the ‘soft skills’ which are needed to inspire, coach and drive best outcomes for their teams.

Develop your leaders’ skills to build more constructive and positive working relationships with their teams.

Tailored executive and behavioural coaching services

AH Business Psychology provides tailored executive and behavioural coaching services Our coaching and development programs enhance the key skills that optimise potential and performance. We focus on helping executives achieve success through self-insight and skillful relationship management.

Our services include:

  • Behavioural coaching – helping to manage disruptive behaviour within teams
  • Stress management – prevention or recovery from difficult stressful periods or incidents
  • Professional development – executive coaching support for key leaders to develop interpersonal skills.

We tailor our programs to suit the particular needs of each person. Our approach typically includes:

  • Starting with a briefing which often includes the person being coached as well as the sponsoring manager
  • Creating a behavioural profile which provides an objective ‘picture’ of the individual and a sound empirical framework for the coaching process
  • Implementing a personal coaching program that helps people better understand themselves and develop the skills and strategies that enable them to function more effectively at work.

By using a holistic approach to behavioural coaching, we aim to help individuals and leaders improve in all areas or their lives.

Key benefits and learning outcomes

Learn and develop effective coaching skills in a safe environment with a trusted psychologist who has business coaching skills. Alan uses science-based tools and practical techniques, along with lively presentations, to make programs fun, interactive, effective and engaging.

Learn how to:

  • Improve skills in giving and receiving feedback
  • Identify the relationship between coaching and performance improvement
  • Elicit information and sharpen insight into behaviour and an individual’s personal barriers
  • Prepare and structure coaching discussions with clear outcomes and action steps
  • Prepare and plan for effective coaching
  • Identify the ‘real’ motivational drivers in someone’s behaviour
  • Guide, encourage and inspire your team with performance-related conversations