How effective are your leaders and team members at ‘reading’ people?

Providing science-backed programs to enhance customer service skills

Client relationships are based on human interaction. Being able to ‘read’ people and their behaviour to adapt our approach, style and language is at the core of building and improving effective and sustained client relationships.

Reading your clients’ ‘giveaway tells’

It makes excellent business sense to ensure all of your staff involved in key relationship or account management roles with solidly based behavioural skills based training, not just process-based programs.

If you are in such a role, or manage teams that undertake these roles, ask yourself:

  • How would I rate my own self-insight? Strengths, ‘blind spots’ and key areas I could develop?
  • How accurate am I at reading people and situations and do I know how and when to change my approach?
  • What are the giveaway clues that tell me a client is conveying buying signals?
  • How do I determine client needs, risks and opportunities and match my own product offerings to those needs?

Customer Relationship Management Seminars

 AH Business Psychology provides customer relationship management seminars AH Business Psychology’s interactive workshops are designed to improve face-to-face business communication skills and develop strategies and skills for building and improving productive professional relationships.

Topics covered include:

  • Learning how your own ‘soft wired’ behavioural style helps you best manage client relationships
  • Understanding the key dynamics, barriers and goals of client face-to-face engagements
  • Improving your insight into the psychology of the sales process and learn how to identify client needs, how to match offerings to  needs, and negotiate a mutually acceptable outcome
  • ‘Read’ your client behaviour more accurately (for example facial, body language and cultural cues) and apply these skills to client interactions
  • Use this information to develop and exhibit more constructive and improved techniques for managing professional and personal relationships

Key benefits and learning outcomes

These seminars are designed for individuals  in relationship management roles. Their focus is to sharpen delegates’ relationship development skills by helping participants “read” all important  signals that current and prospective clients send out. The ultimate goal is improved effective people-reading skills so client relationships are managed more productively.

We use science-based tools and practical techniques, coupled with lively presentations to make sessions fun, interactive, effective and engaging.

Key learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding your motivations, triggers and preferences
  • Key dynamics of face-to-face meetings
  • Pitching your proposition with real relevance
  • Developing winning approaches to confirm the deal
  • Reinforcing new skills back in the real world
  • Identifying your style and its implications for business relationships
  • Tools for client connection and engagement
  • The psychology of selling complex services
  • How to ‘read’ clients and their motivations
  • Developing improved relationship skills – scenarios and skills
  • Creating personal action plans

Who are these seminars for?

These seminars are designed for those in senior client-facing roles. Their aim is to help you enhance your relationship development skills by building understanding and helping you read the signals that current and prospective clients give you. The ultimate goal is to build effective people-reading cues to develop and manage relationships more effectively.