How do you know if an employee has what it takes to manage others and build successful relationships?

We help you enhance your leaders’ self-awareness and interpersonal skills

Our coaching services focus on developing leaders and building emotional intelligence (EQ) in management and leadership.

Effective management requires strategic thinking skills

To effect change in a rapidly shifting world, current and future leaders need to have strategic thinking skills as well as the ability to affect change, influence stakeholders and empathise with others.

Successful organisations foster within their leaders (and emerging leaders) a culture of high-level self-awareness, along with the ability to understand people and situations.

AH Business Psychology offers a suite of assessment instruments — often combined with coaching in behavioural strategies — to raise self-awareness and leadership capabilities.

Emerging Leaders Assessment

AH Business Psychology offers tailored programs for developing emerging leaders We employ a range of ‘best of breed’ assessment tools that we have extensive experience in. We provide your leaders (and emerging leaders) with empirically rigorous assessment of behavioural, management and leadership styles:

  • Saville Assessment’s Wave™, WAVE Focus, WAVE 360
  • Hogan Personality Inventory suite
  • Belbin Interplace Team Roles
  • Team Management Systems
  • and others by arrangement

Alan Hudson brings a unique insight and analysis to provide tailored feedback on key attributes, such as:

  • Core behavioural preferences around critical people and task dimensions
  • Personal style
  • Motivations and skills
  • Cultural fit – with colleagues, employers and organisations
  • Business development and stakeholder engagement

Key benefits and learning outcomes

Our Emerging Leader Assessment coaching solutions provide many benefits that enhance organisational effectiveness, including:

  • Improved selection and recruitment decisions
  • More informed career and professional development decisions
  • Empirically-based talent management
  • More focused change planning, succession planning and professional development