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Alan Hudson is regularly featured in the media for his expertise in business organisational psychology — notably 4BC in Brisbane, ABC’s Radio National, and other radio outlets. He is also asked for expert psychological comment for news, magazine and radio features.

 Saturday Daily Telegraph article on 5 thing you don’t know about lying

Would I Lie to You?

June, 2012
 4BC News Talk Radio

Lies, Myths and Misconceptions

June, 2012
 B105 radio interview

Debunking Deception Detection

June, 2012

 Alan Hudson articles

Alan Hudson LinkedIn Pulse Article

Three critical points to keep in mind when you’re going for a job

November, 2016


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Image alt text: Management Today article on taking cues from the customers

Take cues from customers

June, 2014
 EI Asia Pacific article on building teams to support diversity

Emotional skills in team building

October, 2013
The Newcastle Journal article on learning how to spot a liar

Learn how to spot a liar

March, 2012
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