Psychological assessment

Psychological Assessment

Gain insight into your or a colleague’s “behavioural DNA”, and provide direction for yourself, your team or potential employees.

AH Psychology offers a comprehensive suite of assessment instruments and processes to gain a deeper, more precise understand of individuals.

These tools, along with Alan’s wealth of experience, are used to provide you with direction and insight into yourself, your team or your potential employees.

This service can help to:

  • Create a clear path to success for leaders and colleagues
  • Optimise team performance
  • Support an underperforming employee
  • Add some ‘empirical edge’ to your recruitment and selection process


How does it work?

Assessments are completed online, allowing participants to complete the assessment where and when suits them best. Debriefs and feedback sessions are delivered face-to-face, voice call or video conference. The choice is yours.

The result of a Psychological Assessment will provide you with insight into key attributes, such as:

  • Core behavioural preferences around critical people and task dimensions
  • Personal style and how it impacts co-workers or clients
  • Motivations and skills
  • Cultural fit and predicting compatibility – with a team, business entity or organisation culture
  • Likely business development and stakeholder engagement aptitude

AH Psychology employs the following internationally accredited  assessment tools :

  • Saville Assessment’s Wave™, WAVE Focus, WAVE 360
  • Hogan Personality Inventory suite
  • Belbin Interplace Team Roles
  • Team Management Systems

What do Psychological Assessments help to achieve?


The Cost of a Bad Hire can be up to 3x their Base Salary, according to a recent survey performed by Talint International.

Performing psychological assessments on potential employees can be extremely beneficial for an organisations recruitment process.

You’ll be provided with an accurate, unbiased insight into a potential employee’s personality, work style, cognitive ability and skills. This makes it much easier to compare and shortlist candidates. Psychological assessments are key to any successful recruitment process.


A successful career takes time, effort and planning. When we create professional developmental plans for you or your employees, we use the accuracy of a psychological assessment so the path to success is tailored to your individual needs and preferences. AH Psychology offers a range of coaching services that are based on achieving greater professional and personal growth.

Psychological assessments are one of the instruments we use to get a better understanding of the individual and create a plan that leads directly to success. Find out more about our coaching service.



We offer a range of different reports covering many areas. Enquire to receive a sample.





Alan is the consultants’ consultant; he brings his extensive consulting and psychological expertise to help solve the most complex, challenging people and cultural issues within organisations.

Senior Associate, International Consulting Firm

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