Organisational Psychology – can it help you find out how to get the most from your team?

There is a strong incentive, if not a definite requirement in today’s highly demanding workplace, for leaders with teams to ensure they are functioning well, and at the right level.

Key Benefits and learning Outcomes:

  • Resolve and improve communication ‘blockages’ within teams affecting service levels
  • Clarify and confirm role expectations and work outputs across team members
  • Create improved and clearer understanding of mutual goals and expectations, between leader and the team cohort
  • Ensure the team’s focus and task focus are aligned with the leader’s priorities

Who are these workshops for?

AH Business Psychology offers a range of seminars and workshops to help you and your staff reach their full potential. Optimising your team’s efficiency can translate into economic success, along with internal work relations.
AH Psychology’s team optimisation workshops are perfect for leaders who: Suspects their team may be under performing or is sub optimised

  • Identifies that client services are not being delivered at the appropriate level
  • Are involved in internal services (government corporate services, ICT, finance, human resources etc.)