Having a flexible pathway for change in the fast-paced world of today and keeping up with technology is vital. AH Psychology is here to help you prepare for future endeavours, whilst increasing job security. Find out more about our coaching for individuals and groups.

How do you effectively balance career transitions along with organisational change?

Tailored ‘win-win’ career transition programs

Career transitions can be a time of significant upheaval, disruption and restructuring for both individuals and businesses. We tailor coaching to help individuals transition in their careers, focusing on a ‘win-win’ outcome for both the person and the organisation.

Providing a positive pathway for change

Today’s fast-paced world, with significant shifts in technology, has created a world of disruption for many businesses that may need to help individuals to reskill, transition their careers or manage their path to retirement.

The challenge is in creating a flexible pathway to managing career transitions, in order to create positive outcomes for both individuals and organisations.

If you are an individual who is experiencing significant change in your career or organisation, get in touch with us to discuss solutions for overcoming the challenges you are facing.

Career transition coaching

AH Business Psychology offers tailored programs to help individuals transition in their careers Adapt and create positive outcomes for your teams and executives. We provide programs that are tailored to your needs.

Alan brings his extensive experience as a business psychologist, management educator and coach to the design and delivery of customised coaching programs, assisting and supporting individuals to develop new skills, up-skill, achieve significant professional goals or make successful and productive career transitions.

Our individual and group coaching services include:

  • Career planning, life planning and job search pathways
  • Resume preparation and design
  • Profiling and marketing, including use of social media
  • Interview skills – training and strategy
  • Managing stress, anxiety and other psychological challenges that come with adapting to change
  • Writing effective responses to selection criteria and position descriptions, focusing on the public sector.

Key benefits and learning outcomes

The career transition coaching and training services provided by AH Business Psychology prepares people and organisations for change. Our solutions are designed to focus on moving forward and embracing new options.