Team Optimisation

Team Optimisation

Develop top performing teams, help suboptimised ones improve performance, enhance stakeholder or customer relations and enable better alignment with new business challenges.

Teams, whatever their role or structure, are constantly having to face new challenges and adapt to rapidly evolving contexts and customer priorities. Those leading them need to take prompt and pre-emptive actions to build and maintain understanding, develop skills and change mindsets.

All types of teams – sales and marketing, people and culture, government policy, legal services, can improve their team functioning and ‘flow’ with our Team Optimisation workshops and Seminars. The programs offered by AH Psychology are tailored to your needs and have a special focus on teaching team members to understand people and situations, team dynamics and client relationships.


We provide a range of Team Optimisation Workshops and Seminars

The connection that people feel at work and to the teams they work with is a common theme seen in well functioning teams. When there is no connection, there are issues. A lot of the time these issues are too close to home for the leader to resolve. It is often safer and more productive to have an external party to work alongside and help address and overcome the issue.

AH Psychology deals with all team-related issues including:

  • Communication ‘blockages’ within teams affecting service levels
  • Role expectations and work outputs across team members
  • Goals and expectations, between the leader and the team cohort
  • Improving client services and stakeholder engagement

Building Resilience and Managing Stress

This program is designed to create a stable and agile team. In a world of uncertainty, sharp deadlines and high expectations, it is important that team members have the skills and technique to manage stress.

Resilience can vary from individual to individual. The psychological impact of change is a challenge that employees will always face. This can be caused by market pressures, new competition, mergers and acquisitions, cultural changes, or a host of other factors.

This tailored program helps your team to understand stress, identify where it originates from and outline strategies to mitigate it. Bouncing back from the symptoms of stress whilst being aware of its cause is key to building resilient team members.

Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is a person’s ability to observe, internalise and understand their own and others’ emotions, and to use this information to inform what they think and do. In a world of disruption emotional intelligence is key to successfully managing internal challenges or business opportunities. 

Psychologists generally agree that EQ is the most critical ingredient for success, in fact TalentSmart tested emotional intelligence alongside 33 other important workplace skills, and found that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance, attributing 58% of success in all types of jobs.

Our Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence program will help your team members to actualise the five components of EQ: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Client Relationship Building through Behavioural Analysis and ‘People Reading’ Skills

Client relationships are based on human interaction. Being able to ‘read’ people and their behaviour to adapt our approach, style and language is at the core of building and improving effective and sustained client relationships.

It makes excellent business sense to ensure your staff involved in key relationship or account management roles receive science based behavioural skills-based training, not just process-based programs.

This interactive workshop helps team members to “read” all the important signals that current and prospective clients send out. The program will improve your team members face-to-face business communication skills and provide them with strategies to build successful and sustainable business relationships.

Deception Detection Skills

One of the speciality services we offer is our Deception Detection Skills seminars and workshops. This involves developing your team members’ ability to recognise emotions in others, in order to evaluate truthfulness and assess credibility.

The session covers the seven ‘universal’ emotions, practical skills exercise with a ‘live’ experiment and application of skills for delegates suited to their own context.

For more information on what kind of teams these workshops are suited for, visit Deception Detection.

A tailored approach

Depending on the challenges your team is facing, we provide tailored and practical workshops and seminars to solve them. We understand each business and team is unique, so we develop customised solutions that meet your needs. Contact us to find out more about how we can help your team.

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