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Does your role involve interviewing or assessing others’ reactions? Develop critical skills to better ‘read’ people Reliable behavioural analysis skills are crucial for professionals whose jobs involve interviews, interrogations, information collection and the assessment of reactions from others. These seminars and workshops are designed to build and strengthen reliable behavioural analysis skills for people whose … Read more

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Why is coaching vital for the modern organisation? Oops! Unfortunately your browser does not allow you to view this video. Not to worry! You can still find out how coaching can help you and your organisation below! Need to make complex decisions in a fast-paced world of technology? Executive performance coaching helps you respond quickly … Read more

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Career reboot needed to cope with change?

Does your career need a reboot?

Need a career reboot?

Finding clarity in a professional crisis 

Taking the time for a career reboot is a necessary evil in today’s world. Tough career times are ahead for knowledge workers. A shrinking job market is threatening white-collar professions, such as law, consulting and accounting. Some experts are warning that nearly half of all jobs that Australians currently do will be obsolete in the next 20 years.

Even if your profession isn’t under threat, you may find yourself struggling thanks to the change in the speed of technology.

Are you facing challenges such as increased number of virtual meetings or having a direct manager in another location? You could simply be noticing people are spending as much time using their devices as they are looking at each other. You may well be asking yourself “what the hell is going on”?

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